Top 10 spots for family outings in Angers

Favourite ideas for fun-filled outings

A family walking in the alleys of Terra Botanica

Are your kids bursting with energy? Why not try these winning family-friendly days out?

1. Terra Botanica and its world of plants

Fancy taking your young explorers for a round-the-world-trip, just on the doorstep? Then head to Terra Botanica, the only park of its kind in Europe, where you will find gardens with inspirations from all over the world. This year, there is even a “waterless garden”, a new-generation of planted space which doesn’t require watering. But the highlight of the visit has to be the Oasis, the largest bamboo structure in Europe.

Kids will love : the park’s special kid’s route which you can adapt according to the different ages of your children.

2. Go green at Gaston Allard arboretum

Aahh there’s nothing like nature! Some say it can soothe both the body and mind. Take a trip to the Arboretum, the perfect nature outing to give your senses a treat. The park features four gardens, and no less than 20,000 plants can be seen at their height of bloom. As well as enjoying an incredible spectacle, you can enhance your botanical knowledge. Children are bound to love this kaleidoscope of colourful plants. And to make sure you truly tire them out, don’t miss the Jardin de Zoé play area.

Kids will love : drawing a picture and letting their creativity run free (don’t forget to bring some drawing paper along).

3. Walk in the footsteps of the dukes of Anjou...

...At Angers Castle, one of the highlights of the area The Château d’Angers is somewhere you can visit time and time again and still enjoy it just as much. The fortress is famous as the home of the precious Apocalypse Tapestry, a rare and unique Medieval work of art. And to ensure that everyone of all ages enjoys their trip to Angers Castle, you can download a smartphone application with puzzles to solve all along your visit.

Kids will love : trying to spot the gargoyles which are dotted all over the castle.

4. Visit Anjou’s smallest character village

Spend the day on Béhuard island and experience the Loire Valley’s gentle pace of life. Thanks to the Loire à Vélo cycle route, the whole family will have a great time cycling to the village together. Once you’ve reached Béhuard, it’s up to you what you do. The children will certainly want a snack after all that fun riding their bike, and the island has just what you need! Hungry visitors can recharge their batteries and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere at La Croisette, the island’s waterside café, with a view of the Loire.

Kids will love : ending the day with a picnic. They’ll adore nibbling on food while playing and having fun.

5. The joys of ice skating, all year round

Any budding figure skaters in your family? In Angers, you can practice your triple axles all year round at the Ice Parc! Pull on your skates and let yourself glide across the ice … as gracefully as you can! You’ll see, it’s often the children who explain to their parents how not to fall.

Kids will love : the Jardin des Oursons, a beginners’ area where even the youngest children can skate safely.
For bigger kids : don’t forget to take along their skateboards and scooters. The skate park next to the Ice Parc is top notch.

6. Escape from a maze of corn

For an original family activity in Angers, lose yourself along the trails of the Maïs Aventures. Work together to escape from the maze while solving puzzles designed for all ages. So, are you ready to defy the maze?

Kids will love : following the little wizard’s trail and collecting the ingredients they need to make a magic potion. Abracadabra!

7. Paddle along the Loir

A number of different rivers run through the region of Anjou, making it the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts. After renting canoes – canoes are more practical than kayaks for a family outing – get kitted up properly and jump on the water! Once you’ve coordinated your paddle strokes, you can admire the preserved and tranquil scenery of the banks of the Loir as you glide along, stopping whenever you want.

Kids will love : being altogether in the same boat! There’s no need to worry if you’re not great at paddling – in a canoe, it’s a team effort.


8. Take to the air at Espace Air Passion

At Angers Airport, you can enjoy a refreshing escape, without actually travelling anywhere! Some forty or so vintage aircraft are on exhibition at Espace Air Passion. The planes have been restored by dedicated volunteers who will be delighted to share the fascinating stories of these machines with you.

Kids will love : imagining what it’s like to be a pilot as they climb aboard real-life aircraft.

9. Swimming and lazing on the sand in Écouflant

Looking for something to do with your family on a hot day, near Angers? The Parc des Sablières has just what you’re looking for. In summer, this is a favourite spot with families for lazing around and swimming. So pack your towel and sun glasses for an afternoon, like at the beach.

For a more athletic option nearby, try the treetop adventure course in the Tépacap Anjou.
Kids will love : paddling in the water in the supervised bathing area in summer.

10. Water, statues and vegetation in Angers’ botanical gardens

Last but not least in our top ten family outings in Angers is a trip to the Jardin des Plantes, right in the heart of the city. With streams, statues and a great variety of plants, you won’t know where to look next. Make sure you stop by the 125-year old Siberian elm, one of the most remarkable inhabitants of the park.

Kids will love : scanning the 70 or so QR codes found around the park to unlock the mysteries of its plants.


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