Ticket office

Ticket office Angers - Guided tours, tasting evenings, visit of the big theater ... © Christophe Martin

Book guided visits, show and park entrance tickets via the online ticketing office.

Visits and animations

Discover the heart of Angers with a guide speaker. Visit the large theatre, the hospital complex Saint-Jean, discover the works of art breakaways or go hiking nature ...

Over the water

Go on a cruise aboard the ship l'Hirondelle, or canoe to Ile Saint-Aubin ...

Castles and theme parks

Discover the castles of the Loire, or the Zoo Bioparc in Doué la Fontaine.

Terra Botanica

Visit Terra Botanica, the 10th favorite French park according to Tripadvisor. The park is closed during the winter, it will open again in spring 2022.