The Angevin gentle life or art of good living !

Grapevine in town at the Bon Pasteur in Angers

What if you spent a few days in Angers to discover an art of living like nowhere else?

Simple moments of happiness are what you can expect when you sample the Angevin way of life. With its contrast of urban and natural scenery, the area offers you all the keys for a great time and the opportunity to indulge in what you enjoy and to think just about you for once. Everything here is straightforward and the balance is so perfect that you can live the moment to its fullest.

Recognised for art of living

The famous ‘douceur angevine’ doesn’t only refer to the mild climate; it is a way of life where everything seems easy, light-hearted, gentle and nice. It’s that ideal balance between city and nature. You can stroll the narrow streets of the historic quarter, discover Angers’ heritage treasures and, in no time at all, be in the heart of nature, enjoying a glass of Coteaux du Layon wine and the atmosphere of a waterside café. All of this explains why Angers is France’s number one city for quality of living! (2017 ranking by the magazine L’Express).

Every minute in Angers brings its little pleasures

The Angevin art de vivre is also a sensation, a little like waking up with the warmth of the sun on your face. That feeling that you experience at every moment that you are here, when you watch the sunset over the Loire, when a heron sets down just a few metres from you, when you are savouring a sophisticated dinner on the roof of the Théâtre Le Quai opposite the illuminated castle, or when you are drinking a glass of Savennières with its delicious stewed apple and tropical fruit aromas, after along walk amidst the vines.