La Roche de Mûrs

Walking/pedestrian at Mûrs-Erigné

5.4 km
1h 30min
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  • Crossed by the Louet and the Aubance rivers, Mûrs-Erigné offers diversified landscapes thanks to its location in the alluvial valley from the left bank of the Loire river and on slaty hillsides. The “Roche de Mûrs” path, mixing urban and rural landscapes, will surprise you with its built heritage, its small port village atmosphere, but also the strong presence of vines and its unique rocky promontory overlooking the Loire river’s bed.

    Tourist places
    - Old sand port: the extraction of sand “from Loire” began in the 19th century and was managed by the Allory family from 1882. Since the end of the 20th century, sand extraction along the Loire river’s course is forbidden.
    - The Republican monument, built in 1889, is a symbol of La Roche-de-Mûrs’s history and reminds the Republican concepts of freedom, equality and fraternity, where 600 Republicans died, some by throwing themselves down the cliff, during the battle “contre les Blancs”, the 26th of July 1793.
    - The blockhouse built during winter 1942-1943 was the centre of the system implemented in Érigné by the Kriegsmarine based in the château de Pignerolles in Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou.

    Equipment at your disposal
    Picnic tables on the route
    Circuit marked out in mauve. Circuit liable to flooding.

    Starting point
    Sand port, chemin des Prés
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    Important information about this route: La Roche-de-Mûrs in Mûrs Érigné has known some crumbling last October. The GR3 and hiking community path cannot be used. All climbing activities, animated by the Club Alpin Français are not allowed anymore. We advise you against walking on the top of the cliff as the rock is unstable. It may move or fall.

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