Between forest and wooded countryside

Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie

15.6 km
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  • This path offers you a quiet and peaceful walk through meadows, pathways in undergrowth and diversified wooded countryside landscapes, typical from Angers. It is perfect for countryside lovers.

    Touristic places
    - The Eglise de Saint Lambert la Potherie (Saint Lambert la Potherie church) has still old Romanesque openings on its northern wall, toward the presbytery garden, even after its modernization in the 19th century.

    - The “Domaine des Ecots” is an example of housing estate from the 70’s for wealthy people. The 112 plots are along two loops, forming a big eight and reachable using two entrances. The Norman revival style, architect’s houses or Loire houses come one after another, protected by big hedges.

    - The Giffard company, well-known for its peppermints, opened in 2016 this new syrup production site and transferred its logistics platform there, as part of its development plan.

    - The Renaissance-style Château de la Chaussée was built in 1872 by Earl Tessé de la Motte, as indicated by the T and the M intertwined in the château’s pediment. Its more than 20 ha park is well-known for the richness of and varied tree species with exceptional essences, classified in INRA.

    Equipment at your disposal
    Picnic tables in the Parc des Fontaines.

    Circuit marked out in mauve.

  • Documentation
    GPX / KML files allow you to export the trail of your hike to your GPS (or other navigation tool)