Touring cyclist ,  Walking/pedestrian at Avrillé

13.0 km
3h 30min
13.0 km
Touring cyclist
1h 30min
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  • This trail is a green loop that will allow you to discover the districts of Avrillé and its many parks while taking paths in the countryside.
    Points of interest
    - The Domaine de la Perrière is known for its golf 18 holes but it is mostly a castle of the 17th century and a large orchard. Classified as a Historical Monument since 1983, it now houses a restaurant and reception rooms.
    - "La ceinture verte" concretizes the will to limit the urbanization of the municipality to protect the quality of life of its inhabitants.
    - The "Poumons Verts" park is a beautiful discovery by its pond, the castle of Boissière and magnificent tall trees.
    - The Maison de l'Architecture des territoires et des paysages located on the former airfield was built to house the flight school of the Compagnie Française d'Aviation at the end of the 30s.
    - Terra Botanica is the first theme park, unique in Europe dedicated to plants. With 275 000 plants from the 6 continents, embark on a unique vegetal journey. In exceptional scenery, walk along vegetable gardens and stroll through the tropical jungle.

    Equipment at your disposal :
    Picnic tables at the Poumons Verts park, and Georges Brassens Park.

    Marked circuit in purple.

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