Mayenne loop

Green Trails ,  Touring cyclist ,  Walking/pedestrian at Angers

26.0 km
6h 30min
26.0 km
Touring cyclist
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  • Angers’ urban community wants to take advantage of its exceptional situation as a crossroads of cycling routes to develop green loops highlighting its hydrographic network.

    The first loop is 9.2 kilometres long and links, since July 2017, Angers to Montreuil-Juigné by way of the botanical park “Terra Botanica” and Avrillé. This walking and cycling path used to be a railway line and is now restricted to bicycle tourists and hikers.

    Each year, until 2020, the urban community will create new loops.

    Good deal:
    - This walking and cycling path permits reaching safely the botanical park, 
    Terra Botanica 
    - You can continue this trip by using the walking and cycling path “La Vélo Francette” that goes from Montreuil-Juigné to Angers by way of Cantenay-Epinard and Saint Aubin island. The circuit will be 26 km long then. 

    Download the map of great cycling routes and loops in and around Angers.

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