La Pointe, ancient village of Loire boatmen

at Bouchemaine*
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  • At the confluence of the Maine with the Loire, you will find the ancient village of La Pointe. Once an important river port, the village has been a popular tourist destination since the 17th century. By the 19th century, the trams and railway had turned this pretty village into a holiday resort. The distinctive tuffeau houses with their views over the river, their open gardens bursting with summer and winter blooms and a general atmosphere of happiness was intoxicating.
    Today, little has changed. The bargemen are no longer there but the houses, gardens and, open spaces still make this a place to relax and soak-up the sun and ambiance of this riverbank village. For those interested in architecture, you should also check-out nearby beautiful mansions between Petit Serrant, (including its moated château) and Haut Plessis. Close-by is the la Chapelle Notre-Dame de Ruzebouc, with its stunning interior paying tribute to the carpentry skills of the 16th century.