Ecouflant, between land and water

at Écouflant

angersloirevalley-ecouflant-1-260104mairie d'Ecouflant
angersloirevalley-ecouflant-2-260105mairie d'Ecouflant
angersloirevalley-ecouflant-3-260106mairie d'Ecouflant
angersloirevalley-ecouflant-4-260107mairie d'Ecouflant
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angersloirevalley-ecouflant-6-260109mairie d'Ecouflant
  • Relaxation, leisure, walking... all great reasons to visit!

      The town is located in the Lower Valleys of Anjou, facing Saint Aubin Island, in the immediate vicinity of Angers.

      This former fishing village owes its distinctive character to the river Sarthe and its name to its location at the confluence of three rivers : the Sarthe, the Vieille Maine (Old Maine) and the Loir.

      The town is a conservation area within the Natura 2000 network programme - an EU initiative - and can boast a rich and diverse natural and urban heritage.