Church Saint Pierre

Religious building at Villevêque*
eglise-st-pierre-villevequeEglise Saint Pierre
eglise-saint-pierre-villevequeEglise Saint Pierre
  • The Church of St. Pierre has a single nave of the early eleventh century. The north wall, without buttresses, is pierced by large windows headers. The southern windows show that the volume of the nave was not changed. It is covered with a roof paneling dated 1771. The south gate was rebuilt in the nineteenth century.

    A beautiful and high bell tower was attached to the ship at the end of the eleventh century: three floors decorated with two false arches, the third small double arched bays carried on a column capital with the XI. The choir, the same width to the nave, flat head and pointed windows is the thirteenth century. She was surrounded by an outer gallery on two sides, south and west, which served as a porch at the main entrance and gathering place for the "community of people" before the Revolution.

    It was destroyed in 1903 by the priest Budan with the approval of the municipality at the time, in order to use the materials for the reconstruction and restoration of the sacristy of the choir.


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