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Art Gallery

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Discover new artists and admire artworks in improbable venues – Angers’ art galleries are true little gems offering stunning displays of arts and crafts for all to enjoy! From painting to sculpture, tapestry and ceramics, a fascinating mixture of textures can be seen.

You’ll also find numerous events promoting arts and crafts in Angers:

The Week-end des Métiers d’Arts, La Bastringue Général, Montmartre à Briollay, the Salon des Métiers d’Arts, the Biennale de la Sculpture, La Pointe de l’Art… There’s also the Made in Angers event where you can meet local craftspeople.

It’s an arts and crafts lover’s dream!

Arts centres open for visit: Rive d’Arts in Ponts-de-Cé and Confluences des Arts in Bouchemaine.