Rent a bike in Angers

Rent a bike in Angers © Pony Bike

Bike, a good way to get around in Angers

If you prefer a gentle and green way to get around, a bike is the ideal transport option for you !
You can either rent a bike from one of the bike rental companies or borrow a ‘Pony Bike’.
Pony Bikes are small green bikes that you can find anywhere across town and leave wherever you want when you’ve finished your ride. They are a great way to explore Angers city centre at your own free will.
A left luggage** and bike storage box are available for use at Angers Tourist Office.
Looking for bike repair services or cyclist-friendly accommodation with the ‘Accueil Vélo’ label?
Whether you want to get around town or explore the Loire à Vélo paths, Angers is a great place for riding a bike.

**Baggage lockers are currently closed due to the current Vigipirate situation.

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