Over 15 ideas for days out around Angers

Mother and daughter in front of a giraffe

Liked Angers’ castles, wines and rivers? You’re going to love these escapades 30, 60 or 90 minutes outside Angers.

Days out 30 minutes from Angers: cheetah, sarcophagi and peppermint

Doué-la-Fontaine Bioparc

With its Carnivore Crater, Rhinoceros Valley and Giraffe Camp, you’ll feel like you’re in another world at this zoo which has won awards for good treatment of animals. It’s a fascinating trip around the globe on the doorstep of Angers.

A roaring good day out

Troglodytes & Sarcophages 

This incredible underground shelter created by the Vikings is the only tourist attraction of its kind in Europe. Discover wine cellars, a troglodytic chapel and a sarcophagus factory on this day out outside of Angers.

A day out beneath ground in Anjou

Mystères des Faluns

Jellyfish and elephants underground, you say? It’s all possible thanks to the magical scenography at the poetic cave adventure in Les Perrières. Take a dream-like walk through the galleries of falun (which means shelly sand locally), which was deposited by the sea millions of years ago and let the sound and lights transport you to another world.

A scientific and poetic day out


A visit to Saumur is a must-do day out near Angers. What we like best? The silent charm of the vast caves and the treasures they hold (often wine!), the terroir markets with their traditionally made produce, the lively games of boule de fort – the local version of pétanque... not to mention soaring up in the sky on a thrilling hot-air balloon flight.

A day out with Saumur-ch to do!

Cadre noir: national school of horse-riding

See equestrian excellence at its best. Encounter the finest riders in France in a prestigious setting and watch the exquisite shows and gala regularly hosted by the school. An equestrian arts demonstration for all ages.

A day out worth trotting along to

Jardin Camifolia


Camomile is one of the 600 varieties of plants in this remarkable garden nestled in the Hyrôme valley. Learn the secrets of their medicinal and cosmetic properties in the garden’s six themed areas. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean glasshouse and learn about herbal medicine before exploring the garden of flavours and scents.

A blooming good day out

Days out 45 minutes from Angers: champagne and bonsai trees

Maulévrier oriental park

Considered the largest Japanese-inspired park in Europe, Maulévrier transports you into the delicate culture of the Empire of the Rising Sun with its amazing garden, from sunrise to sunset.

A day out with an eastern feel

The ackermann cellars

Caves Ackermann throws a light on its wines and the history of the sparkling wine house with a captivating cave experience.

A divine day-out

The Bouvet Ladubay cellars

Bouvet Ladubay reveals its exceptional multi-award winning vintages on a tour of its cellars, which are part of a UNESCO world heritage site. Expect art, emotion and terroir on this journey for the senses.

A day out discovering the art of sparkling wine

Zoo de la Flèche


“A better understanding for better protection” is the motto of this zoo committed to protecting biodiversity. You’ll see some amazing species. With animals like the California sea lion, the Canadian river otter and the Indian rhinoceros, this is an exotic outing not far from Angers.

Meet a hippopotamus on your day out!

Days out 60 minutes from Angers: a jester, a mechanical elephant and muscadet

Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

This former monastery has had an illustrious list of owners including the Counts of Anjou, the Plantagenet dynasty and the Royal House of Bourbon. And did we mention Richard of Lionheart?

Highly recommended: Works by Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Delaunay and many more await you in the galleries of the abbey's recently created Modern Art museum. Keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss anything.

A historical and arty day out

Puy du Fou

The leading French family leisure attraction needs no introduction. Renowned for its quality, Puy du Fou is a two-time winner of the best theme park in the world award. Travel through the ages and across the seas to relive History as if you were there.

A spectacular day out back in time

Nantes and the machines de l’île

With a fascinating combination of inspirations from Jules Verne to Lovecraft, the Machines de l’île draws you into its stunning industrial and animal world – giant mechanical elephant included. It’s a treat for the imagination and the chance to let your curiosity run wild.

The most original day out in the area


Enjoy a taste of Italy just an hour from Angers. The Italian-inspired town of Clisson is a Medieval town boasting Romanesque architecture, an impressive castle and beautiful 15th century churches.

A day out in the land of grapes

Days out 90 minutes from angers: nature’s mosaic and seasalt

The Loire Valley châteaux

A trip to these majestic châteaux from Angers is an incredible day out of magic, splendour and festivities. Azay-le-Rideau, Chambord, Blois and Chenonceau await you for a taste of castle life!

A day out with towers and turrets galore

The Guérande salt flats

Spice things up with an escape to a very different landscape! Admire the play of light on the surface mosaic-like salt ponds, listen to their history told by the salt workers and get a real flavour for the place!

A day out from Angers that’s worth its salt

The medieval town of Sainte-Suzanne

This Medieval treasure between Laval and Le Mans comes highly praised and has won many titles (“Petite Cité de caractère®”, “Preferred village of French people”, “most beautiful village of France”, “Perle du Maine”). Take a tranquil stroll through its centuries-old streets, stop by the Musée de l’Auditoire history museum and visit the traditional Sainte-Suzanne paper mill.

A picturesque day out