Angers - a medieval capital

at Angers

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Château d'Angers en bord de MaineLes-Conteurs_Destination-Angers
Jardin du Château d'AngersLes-Conteurs_Destination-Angers
  • History was made in Angers. Its medieval heritage dominated by the monumental construction of the castle with its instantly recognisable duotone towers perched on walls that ultimately stretch for 4kms. It is home to the spectacular Apocalypse tapestry, commissioned by Louis I in the 14th Century.
    There are many fine examples of fine Romanesque architecture to be found throughout the city including the former bishopric, the abbeys at Saint Aubin and Ronceray plus many stunning and often flamboyant gothic structures such as the Saint Maurice cathedral and Saint Serge abbey and church).