Our Quality Approach

Advisor showing a map to a woman at the tourist office reception desk

Our Quality Approach

Qualité Tourisme™, created in 2006, is a recognised quality system under the national Tourism Quality Plan. This state-certified, internal quality system aims to foster a focus on service quality and customer satisfaction among tourism professionals. This system, which is based on specially developed standards or guidelines, is also a way of recognising continued improvement in tourism services.

Under the initiative, French government and tourism professionals undertake to provide visitors with:

  • A friendly welcome
  • Attentive staff
  • Foreign language skills
  • Personalised services
  • Clear and accurate information
  • Guaranteed cleanliness and comfort
  • Ways to discover their destination
  • Ways of taking their opinions into account

Angers Loire Métropole Tourist Office

Having adopted this progress-oriented approach, Destination Angers has obtained the Qualité Tourisme ™ label by enhancing service quality as well as the visitor experience and visitor satisfaction throughout the Angers region.

Our Commitments

On behalf of Destination Angers, the Tourist Office is committed to:

  • Providing you with a friendly, attentive and efficient welcome, always with a smile
  • Facilitating access to our information points by optimising signage and accessibility
  • Having good foreign language skills
  • Supplying printed tourism documentation (maps, brochures, magazines, guides) in at least two foreign languages
  • Encouraging foreign visitors by having staff at reception who speak two foreign languages and by offering bilingual tourist documentation
  • Guiding you to discover the Angers region in a personalised way
  • Informing you about the local tourism offering in a clear and accurate manner
  • Providing you with well-presented and comfortable reception areas
  • Disseminating up-to-date and reliable information
  • Answering your claims within 72 hours
  • Promoting local tourism partners
  • Adapting the Tourist Office opening times to the volume of tourism
  • Measuring visitor satisfaction using questionnaires
  • Listening to remarks and suggestions and taking them into account
  • Continuously improving our services and our environmental actions
  • Enhance and promote the territory's establishments with the Qualité Tourisme label
  • To raise the awareness of professional tourism actors of the territory (hotels, residences, visitor sites, museums, etc.) about the Quality Tourism brand and its reception issues.

Contact us: officedetourisme@destination-angers.com

Establishments with the Qualité tourisme label in the destination