Things to do in Angers that will make you feel you. Experiences to try this summer, for some good, simple times.

Some take part in a wine tasting and then want to do a wine tasting course. Others arrive exhausted and leave re-enchanted with life. Some come for three days and find a new lifestyle. Others quite simply find themselves... You’ll see, these experiences in Angers won’t leave you unchanged!

Selected experiences to try this summer

# Vineyard immersion

In the midst of the vines, you will be nature’s special guests for a day with this immersion at the Domaine du Closel - Château des Vaults wine estate in Savennières. Everyone from the wine or food lover to the countryside fan or simply curious will enjoy it here. Grant yourself a moment where time stands still in these bucolic yet chic surroundings in the company of a dedicated winegrower. An initiation into the world of winegrowing in the heart of the Angevin wine region. In this stunning setting, you’ll feel the goodness of nature. And time will appear to slow down to let you relish this bubble of happiness.


# Authentic moments on the banks of the Loire

Want to escape it all for a weekend? Look no further – Angers in the heart of the Loire Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site is the destination for a slow-paced bucolic getaway. On the programme of your authentic stay or weekend break, you’ll discover the unspoilt natural scenery of the Loire River. Cycling, boat trip, camping, bucolic rest stops at waterside cafés... There are so many unique and relaxing sensations to experience and share along the banks of the Loire, with family, friends or as a couple.



# Nature discovery around Saint-Aubin Island

We promise – this day out in the countryside in the heart of Angers will leave you revitalized! Your day begins with an easy bike ride. All those hues of green and the light glimmering on the water of the Maine, Mayenne and Sarthe rivers where migrating birds come to preen, are an excellent cure for stress. Your happy hormones will enjoy a boost, putting you in a great mood for the entire day. Try the charming hand-pulled ferry across to Saint-Aubin island and the new ferry between Cantenay-Épinard and Écouflant to cross the Sarthe. Here, it’s all about enjoying the fresh air, by bike or on foot, and reconnecting with nature. Escape to peace and tranquillity with a re-energizing getaway in the heart of the countryside of the Basses Vallées angevines.


More experiences

# Street art getaway

Here, there’s no need for a museum ticket or any expert knowledge to enjoy some art. Even teenagers and kids will enjoy the surprises in store. As you wander around, from the hill of Saint-Maurice cathedral to the Icepark or along the Échappées d'art art trail, you’ll spot some of the city’s many works of street art. There are so many locations, it’s hard to list them all. You just need to look up and all around you. And if you opt for a guided street art tour, make sure you make the most of your guide’s precious knowledge to learn the secrets of the mosaics, murals and other creations.



# Angers Gravel Tour in the vineyards

So you like a sporting challenge while still enjoying your food and wine?! And you’re looking for something to do after attending the Nature in Bike event? If you want to break a sweat before taking advantage of the area’s finest produce, and enjoy a few gentle thrills, with skids on gravel and obstacles to manoeuvre on a light, robust bike, the Anjou vineyard gravel bike circuit on the banks of the Maine is for you. With this trip, you’re guaranteed some physical sensations in the natural surroundings of a remarkable wine region... You’ll join a group and set off with a guide for a 34-kilometre ride together and three hours of freedom passing through Savennières and Bouchemaine and along part of the Loire à vélo cycle route. For a terrific finish to the trip, you’ll stop off at Domaine du Closel or Château d’Epiré in Savennières for a tour of our vineyards and a delicious tasting. This experience is also available in the Basses Vallées angevines wetlands.


# Trip on a traditional boat on the Loire

What about leaving dry land for a while? “Why not? But I’m no captain”, we hear you say. That doesn’t matter, though – it’s still possible! Cast off with Alex, a professional fisherman on the Loire who has a fantastic whistle, or his sidekick Théo, on their lovely riverboat. Inspired by the traditional flat-bottomed barges (known in French as toues sablières and toues cabanées), this river fishing boat, alone, is what gives a large part of the charm to this experience. But to make things even better, your guide will share his incredible passion and knowledge of the plant and animal life, river shipping and local history as the scenery floats by. In the distance, you’ll make out the Saint-Pierre de Savennières church, one of the oldest of the region, Béhuard, a recognised village of character, and the famous vineyards of Savennières. A wonderful and authentic experience between Bouchemaine and Savennières.



# Paddleboarding in fitness mode on the Sarthe

Fancy a slightly more sporty experience? And why not a chance to let your mind escape while effortlessly working your abs? We have just the thing for you! With a board, a paddle and a little balance, you’ll simply love gliding through the tranquil and beautiful scenery of the Basse Vallées angevines wetlands. Breathe out! Breathe in! Standing up tall, with your nose high in the air to enjoy all the different smells, you’ll be proudly paddling your board in no time at all, with slow and gentle, steady strokes. The nature all around nurtures your soul as you experience new sensations of gliding serenely across the water, with a 360-degree bucolic view. Shush...relish the silence! This time, you’ll need no guide to enjoy the magic of paddle boarding for the first time. We’re not sure whether it’s the paddling, the jumping up to your feet or the giggles you have that give your abdominals the work out – or all three at once! Experience also possible in a kayak or a canoe with an outing on the Mayenne, Maine, or Vieille Maine rivers, or around Saint-Aubin island.