Dig out your gingham tablecloth and wicker basket and throw in some delicious sandwiches for a picnic in one of Angers’ best spots!

All you need is a little sunshine, a small piece of nature and a freshly made sandwich for an enjoyable moment. Angers and the surrounding area is full of lovely picnic spots. Here, we’ve selected a few for you, including calm and serene surroundings, as well as places with activities to keep you occupied!

To play and let off steam with the children

Parc de Pignerolle: With its play area and wide open spaces, your kids will have the best time. As for picnicking, you can either eat on the grass or make use of the picnic tables if you want to keep the children’s clothes clean.

Villevêque beach: A great thing about the Loir (not Loire) river is that bathing is supervised in summer. Settle down in the shade for a picnic and after little digestive break, you’ll be able to enjoy a dip in the water.

For a fun time with friends

Parc des Sablières, Écouflant: Make use of the beach picnic tables or meet under the shade of the park’s great trees for some tasty crisps and salads.  In the afternoon, enjoy a swim or a group workout using the outdoor fitness machines.

Lac de Maine: With its great facilities, this is one the local people’s favourite places to meet for a barbecue or some sports. All summer long, you’ll find activities going on, like beach volley, sailing, fitness, concerts and more.

For a peaceful moment inside the city

The Maine quayside: Known as ‘Le Front de Maine’, the section of quayside by the Théatre du Quai is the perfect place to stop for a salad or a sandwich. Enjoy the calming view of the Maine and the castle and watch herons swooping between the tied up boats for a dreamy moment.   

The Musée des Beaux Arts garden: Between museum visits, enjoy this peaceful little corner of the city for a quiet lunch break over a good book.

For some time in the heart of nature

Ponts-de-Cé picnic area: Facing the sand flats of the Loire, spread out your rug, pull out your picnic basket and take time to enjoy the scenery of this wild river.

Béhuard island: On the island of Béhuard, you will have no problem finding some green surroundings for a picnic. The end of the island is quieter and more bucolic and the vistas of the Loire and Port de la Possonnière are stunning from there.