The best places to go running in Angers

Explore the town and the surrounding area on a running outing

Where to run in Angers?

Angers is an excellent place to go running. Below we prove it to you, with our selection of the best running spots!

The city is on several major cycle routes, making it popular with cyclists. While on holiday, you, too, can make the most of these paths and the temperate Angevin climate for a run combining urban and natural scenery.

Downtown Angers: historical buildings and parks

In the early morning, run through the still sleepy city. You’ll love the architecture and will get a glimpse of some street art every now and again. To see what makes Angers such a fascinating place, run past Angers’ principal monuments, like the Castle, Saint-Maurice Cathedral and the Maison d’Adam. This summer, you can go for a run with an arty theme, by following the Échappées d’Arts street art route.

As you cross the city centre, you’ll go through the Jardin des Plantes then the Jardin du Mail. Follow the banks of the Maine toward the “Doutre” district. Angers really is perfect for running and if you continue on to Balzac Park, you’ll also find fitness apparatus that you can use.

Best places for running around Angers

Why not explore the villages and superb landscapes around Angers on your run? The area’s hiking trails make great routes for a running session in the natural setting of the vineyards, along the banks of the Loire or in the heart of the countryside.

For a late afternoon run, head to the island of Béhuard. The footpath runs all the way around the island, so it is impossible to lose your way. It’s a characterful and lively place and the Loire looks stunning from there in the evening light. Nearby, you also have the hillsides of Savennières, a village reputed for its vineyards and wine estates.

It offers an original running destination where you can take a route right through the vines. The Parc des Ardoisières in the slate-making town of Trélazé is another option and has some good ups and downs. The turquoise blue colour of the lake of the former quarry are worth the detour!

Here’s a quick reminder of places you absolutely have to check off on your run:

City centre must-sees:

  • Angers Castle
  • Saint-Maurice Cathedral
  • The Maison d’Adam

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Parks and gardens in Angers:

  • Jardin des Plantes
  • Jardin du Mail
  • Jardin du Musée des Beaux-Arts
  • Balzac Park
  • Saint-Nicolas Park

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