The 5 Angevins bacs (ferries) are the perfect way to cross the waterways in an eco-friendly and fun way!

What is a bac?

This is simply a type of flat-bottomed boat used to cross a river, lake, estuary or inlet. It replaces the construction of a bridge, when this has not been possible or when the crossing is not used enough to justify such an investment.

What are they for?

In Anjou, they allow you to cross rivers (the Mayenne, the Sarthe, the Loir or the Authion), without having to travel miles to find a bridge. A great advantage for walkers and cyclists!

Different types of bacs

Some have an electric motor, like the one on the Sarthe at Écouflant, others use paddle wheels, like the one at Pruillé, and still others are chain-driven. This is the case on Île Saint-Aubin. Chain or trawl bacs are fun, using a cable stretched between the two points to be connected. On small rivers, it's simply operated by arm power!

When can I take the bac?

Each of the bacs has its own opening and closing dates, but most operate during the summer months. Some are in service from early spring until autumn.

No fewer than five bacs around Angers

Whether you prefer to walk or cycle, we'll take you on a tour of the five bacs in and around Angers!

The île saint-aubin bac

This chain bac is located between the Mayenne and Sarthe rivers, in the direction of Cantenay-Épinard. It takes you to this small island with its bucolic charm, its Port de l'Île guinguette and its lush greenery, just two kilometres from Angers. Listed in the Natura 2000 network, the island is part of the Basses Vallées Angevines ecosystem, which is home to several protected species and is completely flooded for much of the winter. The bac runs from April to November. A ferryman is stationed there to operate the chain for walkers and cyclists who have come to tour the island. Children will be delighted to help pull the chain to the other side!

The Pass Sarthe bac

The journey from Écouflant to Cantenay-Épinard is 15 km by car. And yet, as the crow flies, the two municipalities are separated only by the river Sarthe! The Pass Sarthe electric bac allows walkers to cross the river easily, silently and in just a few minutes. Launched as part of the "Boucles vertes" created around the city, it completes the loop of a cycle route around the Île Saint-Aubin, along the Sarthe, the Mayenne and the Vieille Maine. The catamaran-shaped bac can carry 11 passengers and up to 6 bicycles.

Free of charge, it operates on Ascension Day weekends and in June and September, and every day from 8 July to 3 September 2023 from its home port at Écouflant.

The Pruillé bac


Recognisable from afar with its two large red-rimmed paddle wheels, the Pruillé bac is located on the Mayenne river, 20 minutes from Angers. If you're looking for an original way to cross from one bank to the other, this is the ideal choice! It allows tourists and cyclists following the Vélo Francette, as well as local residents, to avoid having to go to Grez-Neuville to cross the river and reach the other part of the municipality of Longuenée-en-Anjou. Running throughout the summer, the bac is manoeuvred by a boatman and can accommodate 12 passengers and 2 vehicles. It's the only motorised bac in the Anjou region, so you can take it by car, motorbike, bike or even horse!

Pruillé bac timetable and practical information

The Roche Foulques bac

Like the one on Ile Saint-Aubin, this bac links the two banks of the Loir between Soucelles and Villevêque, using a chain system operated manually by the user. On either side of the river, you're in the Basses Vallées Angevines: make the most of the opportunity to discover this exceptional corner of nature with its distinctive flora and fauna! Open from 23 March to 5 November 2023, access is restricted to adults, accompanied children, small animals and light two-wheelers.

Roche Foulques bac timetable and practical information

The Chevalerie bac

Cycling along the Loire à vélo and fancy a little excursion? This bac across the Authion is for you! It links the Loire cycle route with the exceptional Ardoisières site in Trélazé. The redevelopment of the former slate mines has given way to a magnificent park planted with oak and birch trees, with slate mounds, a wetland, old azure-coloured water... The La Chevalerie ferry also offers walkers a great day out from La Daguenière, taking in the Ardoisières, Angers town centre, the banks of the Maine and the banks of the Loire. The bac is generally open from March to early November.

Chevalerie bac timetable and practical information

The Roselière bac

The latest bac is located in Andard, allowing you to cross the Authion. Yet another sustainable, motor-free way to cross the river on foot or by bike.

Accessible from April to October, the Roselière bac allows you to continue along the Roselière path or join the footpaths or mountain bike trails along the banks of the Authion.

Roselière bac timetable and practical information