Romantic weekend in the heart of the Loire Valley vineyards

Romantic weekend in the heart of the Loire Valley vineyards © Jérémy Fiori

Two days to explore France’s third largest winegrowing region and to sample Angers’ gentle lifestyle

A guest house in the heart of the Loire Valley’s vineyards

Crossed by the river Aubance, after which this wine region is named, Moulin de Gaubourg is a property which will not fail to charm.

Sophie, the owner of the house, will welcome you and take you on a tour of the estate and the winery, where vines grow as far as the eye can see.

Afterwards, take the time to enjoy a glass of the producer’s wine on the patio and to chat with the owners, before sitting down for dinner. Sophie is truly skilled in the kitchen and will concoct you delicious local dishes, such as fouées, small stuffed breads which are warmed in the oven, or crémet d’Anjou, a creamy dessert served with a coulis of red fruits.

Walking in the Aubance vineyards 

Wake to the smell of warm croissants or home-made waffles – at Moulin de Gaubourg, you’ll enjoy a breakfast worthy of the name. Then lace up your walking shoes and follow the hiking trail through the vineyards, starting from your accommodation. Why not take a picnic for lunch? We recommend the Saveur d’Aubance fine foods store where you will find everything you need for a picnic with a local flavour.

Combine vineyards and city

On the Saturday, explore the capital of Anjou. Wander the paved streets of Angers’ historic quarter where you will soon stumble across the imposing tufa and slate fortress-castle. Once inside, discover the castle’s own vines and French gardens.

For a pause at lunchtime, see our restaurant recommendations for ones that stock a good choice of local Anjou wines and take the opportunity to taste one or two.


If you want to become even more acquainted with Angevin specialities, take a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the distilleries of Angers’ internationally famous liqueurs, Cointreau or Menthe-Pastille


  • Sophie’s welcome and her genuine character
  • The food and Anjou wine pairings suggested at dinner
  • The serenity and splendid setting of Moulin de Gaubourg