Despite Angers’ famously mild and gentle climate, the Angevin weather does occasionally play up.

Find a host of ideas here for outings and excursions that will allow you to discover Angers on wet days while still staying dry!

1. Try Loire wines

If you wanted to set out on one of the wine routes to meet local winemakers, but have been put off by the weather, then we suggest you head to the Maison des Vins d’Anjou-Saumur, just next to the castle. You will be greeted there by wine experts who will introduce you to the main appellations of Anjou-Saumur. With dry to sweet wines, Grand Crus, fruity and powerful red wines, and even sparkling wines, you will be dazzled by the diverse styles produced in the region.

Angers’ wine bars are also inviting places to taste and discover locally produced wines.


2. Encounter the art of tapestry, sculptures and the history of Angers

Visit the Galerie David d’Angers in the heart of Angers, which is an enchanting place both inside and out. This former abbey church houses the sculptures of David d’Angers and has been covered with a contemporary glass roof, which creates a stunning play of light.

If you like tapestry, you are in store for a treat in Angers – the Apocalypse Tapestry, housed in Angers Castle, is the largest Medieval tapestry in the world. Make sure you don’t miss it!

At the Jean Lurçat and Contemporary Tapestry Museum, you can see the famous contemporary tapestry, the Chant du Monde. The buildings of the 12th-century St. Jean hospital provide the venue for the museum.

At the Musée des Beaux-arts (Museum of Fine Arts), you can see works that help understand the history of Angers. And admire over 350 splendid works of art.

With children, we recommend the Museum des Sciences Naturelles, the Espace Air Passion aviation museum or the Château-Musée de Villevêque, which offer fun tours to enjoy.



3. Taste internationally famous Angevin liqueurs! !

Stay nice and dry while learning the manufacturing secrets of Angers’ great liqueurs: Cointreau, a skillful blend of bitter orange peel and sweet orange, and Menthe-Pastille, a clear and subtle peppermint liqueur made by Giffard. At the end of your visit, taste these time-old liqueurs in the company of the distilleries’ barmen.

4. Collégiale Saint-Martin

As one of France’s best preserved Carolignian buildings, the Collégiale Saint-Martin has witnessed 15 centuries of history. Individual, family and group visits are available.

5. While the weather is poor, pamper yourself! !

What better on a rainy day than taking a moment for yourself to unwind and empty your head? Tempted by some relaxing pampering or a massage in a spa? Remember to book in advance.

6. Learn about the ‘royal’ Loire River

A 250 square-metre exhibition all about the Loire, covering everything from its wildlife and plant life to its history, Loire Odyssée makes for an enjoyable visit as a couple or a family.

7. Treat yourself to a warm tea or coffee

Enjoy a chat over a warm cup of coffee or Angers-made ‘Lagosta’ tea and simply take things slow. Find tea rooms in Angers

8. Where to go when the kids need to let off steam

From swimming pools to indoor playgrounds, trampoline park, escape game, laser game, and bowling, Angers has plenty of options to satisfy your little balls of energy. See all leisure parks in Angers.

A great way to save money is the Loopi Ciné deal, which includes one entry to Loopiland and one film of your choice at the Cinéville des Ponts de Cé multiplex, for €9.90 per child.

9. Hunt down Angers’ art galleries

Angers has many art galleries hidden in mysterious locations. Set off to discover the art of sculpture, painting and ceramics and meet fascinating artists. 

10. And there’s always the cinema when it’s raining! !

On wet days, the cinema is always a good bet.  Pop along to the city centre cinema 400 Coups or to the Pathé.  

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health. Enjoy in moderation.