Michelin-star and gastronomic restaurants in Angers

A spell-binding selection of top restaurants to try

Appetizing dish at the restaurant

With one Michelin-star restaurant and hordes of gastronomic eateries, local or visiting food lovers have no end of choice for a fine meal.

It’s clear and simple – in Anjou, we love good food! And the proof is that some restaurants fill up every night without fail. You even sometimes have to book weeks in advance to reserve a table at the excellent Chinese restaurant Dazuma. It’s hard not to indulge when you have restaurateurs that offer such delicious, inventive and innovative cuisine made with extremely high quality local produce. You only have to take a drive through the Loire Valley to see for yourself – with its vegetable tunnels, orchards and crops of all kinds, the region grows a fabulous range of produce, giving local chefs inspiration for their recipes.

The dishes of Anjou’s gastronomic restaurants reflect the flavours and colours of these incredible products. 

Two Michelin-starred restaurants

Since December 2023, the Michelin-starred restaurant Lait Thym Sel has settled into its new home on Boisnet Street, in an intimate setting with unique charm. On the plate, flavors never fail to impress, making it a delight for the taste buds. Chef Gaëtan Morvan offers a fine and creative cuisine that is sure to captivate everyone ! A tip : remember to book your table in advance ! In the heart of the vineyards in Champ-sur-Layon, you will find La Table de la Bergerie, the second Michelin-star restaurant in the Angevin area. Here, a concise and seasonally based menu is prepared with the utmost skill by chef David Guitton. The restaurant serves the organic wines of Domaine de la Bergerie, the family’s estate. La Table de la Bergerie is the ideal place for a luxury gourmet moment while exploring the scenery of the Corniche angevine, which winds between the Loire and hills of vines.

Top eateries around every corner

Restaurants such as L’Hoirie, Le Moulin du Cavier and the Château de Noirieux are some other major names on the Angevin gastronomic culinary scene.

More recently, a wave of ‘bistronomic’ or gastronomic restaurants has also inundated the city, offering a wide selection of eateries with more affordable prices and excellent, inventive and modern cuisine. Among them, some of the most popular with locals are Autour d’un cep, Sens or even Le Pois Gourmand and Les 3 Lieux - La Table.
For a mouthwatering culinary moment between visiting the city sights and the surrounding area, you’ll have plenty of choice.

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