Five good reasons to visit Angers

With heritage, gastronomy and natural scenery, Angers is the perfect destination for a taste of real French living

During an evening in Angers, Vigne en ville au Bon Pasteur

This weekend, why not visit a part of France renowned for its châteaux, wines and art de vivre

Visit châteaux and discover Medieval treasures!

If there is one thing you must see in France, it is its châteaux! While staying in Angers, in the heart of the Loire Valley, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to châteaux and historical sites! First, of course, you have Angers’ own castle and city emblem, the Château d’Angers. You will feel tiny stood before this imposing Medieval fortress with its 17 defensive towers, which you can in fact climb for a 360 view of the city! And you especially mustn’t miss the incredible treasure kept in the darkness of the castle gallery – The Apocalypse Tapestry, the largest Medieval tapestry series in the world. It was commissioned in about 1375 by Louis I of Anjou and is nearly 100 meters long. And all that is just in one castle! You also have the Château du Plessis-Bourré with its magnificent grounds that have been used as a major film location, the Château du Plessis-Macé and the Château de Serrant, not forgetting the tallest château in France, the Château de Brissac.

Taste Loire wines

Of course, in France, discovering, or rather tasting French wines has to be on your list. Angers lies in the heart of the third-largest French winegrowing region, the Loire Valley, which stretches from Sancerre to Nantes. Visiting Angers is also about enjoying happy moments with others over a nice glass of wine. There are plenty of ways to learn more about the rich Anjou wine region: at the Maison des Vins, the region’s different appellations are well represented; in the city’s wine bars, you can taste wines while chatting away with friends; or you can visit the winemakers themselves and discover the secrets of their delicious nectar. You’ll see that among the 27 appellations d’origine contrôlées (AOC) of the Anjou-Saumur region, it is impossible not to find a style of wine you love – from dry to sweet white wines through fruity reds and sparkling, not forgetting the fresh rosé wines that make such a good alfresco drink, there’s something for all tastes! So if you enjoy winding your way along wine routes, Anjou is for you!

Spend a day at Terra Botanica, the only theme park in France devoted to plants!

Surrounded by flowers and rare and exotic species of trees, you’ll experience the amazing times of the explorers that brought back new plants and shrubs from all around the world. Ideally, you need a full day to enjoy all the adventures in store at this theme park like no other in Europe. And since Angers is France’s greenest city*, the park’s choice of location is really no surprise. *(2023 ranking by the Union Nationale des Entreprises du Paysage - UNEP)
Strolling around the butterfly house, taking a ride through the hydrangeas in a traditional Loire boat or gabarre and soaring up in a gas balloon to admire the surrounding landscape, are just a few of the highlights you can enjoy.

Relax and unwind beside the Loire

Make the most of your getaway in Angers to unwind. Whether you are on a short break or a family holiday, there is nothing like some time in nature for finding your inner you. You’ll be enchanted by the scenery along the Loire and the changing colours of the sky that reflect in the water and make the banks of the ‘royal’ river a true spectacle at any time of the day. It is not surprising therefore that the Loire Valley is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the outstanding beauty of its landscapes… We recommend seeing them by bike, on the Loire à vélo cycle route, one of the most beautiful cycle routes in France. And if you are a photography enthusiast, make sure you don’t miss the sunsets.

Stroll around a city of unique character

Although Angers is an Antique city, the Middle Ages are one of the periods to have marked it the most. When wandering the old town, you’ll become aware of a strong Medieval influence in the form of charming cobbled streets, half-timbered houses, the Saint-Maurice cathedral and monuments built in the Angevin Gothic style. This Medieval feel even continues across the river Maine in the Doutre district. One of the highlights of this district? Without doubt, the Hôpital Saint-Jean which, dating from the 11th century, is one of the oldest existing examples of French hospital architecture. It is home to the Jean-Lurçat Museum. Jean Lurçat was a 20th century artist who produced the monumental tapestry Le Chant du Monde inspired by The Apocalypse Tapestry.

These are just some of the reasons that make Angers one of France’s must-see cities. And if you are still not convinced, bite into a Quernon d’ardoise, an Angevin delicacy made from crunchy nougatine dipped in delicious blue chocolate.