Château d'Angers

A not-to-be-missed of the Anjou heritage

A woman from behind walks in the paths of the castle gardens

Check out our essential information to better understand Château d'Angers, the undisputed lord of Anjou. Follow the guide!

An iron fist in a velvet glove. This expression seems to have been created for Château d'Angers, a magnificent 13th-century fortress that stands beside the Maine in the heart of Angers. An iron fist for power, that of a gigantic medieval château deemed impregnable. A velvet glove for its gentle side, with its remarkable gardens like that of its Tapestry of the Apocalypse, a true treasure of craftsmanship listed by Unesco.

The history of Château d’Angers

Château d’Angers has forged a history spanning more than 6,000 years. Many kings and dignitaries have succeeded one another, notably King René, also called Good King René. An iconic character of Anjou, he continues to watch over the château today from his pedestal facing the building. If you’re intrigued by the history of Château d'Angers, we have summarised the historic events that marked the life of the fortress since prehistory.

The treasure of Château d’Angers: the Tapestry of the Apocalypse

Did you know that this tapestry, also called the Apocalypse Hanging, has been listed as UNESCO world heritage? Indeed it has! This has been the case since May 2023. A great recognition for this incredibly preserved masterpiece, which dates from the Middle Ages. After experiencing numerous adventures over the centuries, the work is today exhibited away from light in a large gallery sheltered in the ramparts of Château d'Angers. The Tapestry of the Apocalypse is the subject of guided tours, temporary exhibitions and workshops to better understand all its symbols.

Château d’Angers - yours to discover in 5 spaces

This fortress, flanked by 17 impressive towers, has remarkable architecture broken down into 5 spaces to discover indoors and out. From the ramparts, from where you have a unique panorama of the city, to the château’s hidden vineyard, via the chapel and gatehouse of Château d'Angers, there are plenty of places to imagine life in this historic site in past centuries.

Our advice for a great visit to Château d’Angers

  • Get an Angers City Pass for maximum benefits
  • Ask for a site map from the Tourist Office to find your way easily
  • Open your eyes wide! Château d’Angers is full of details and secrets
  • Allow around 1 hour 30 to visit the château and its Tapestry of the Apocalypse
  • Opt for the audio guide to understand everything during your tour
  • Take good footwear. The fortress has many different areas, some of which are quite uneven

Practical information to discover Château d’Angers

Tarifs et billets d'entrée au Château d'Angers

Entry to Château d'Angers for an adult is €11.00. The ticket is free for children, teenagers and young adults under 26 years of age who are nationals of European Union countries and regular non-European residents on French territory (individually, outside school and extracurricular groups). Job seekers who can show a certificate less than 6 months old also enjoy free admission.

Entrance to Château d'Angers is included in the Angers City Pass 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Also check the opening times of Château d’Angers:

How to get to Château d’Angers?

Located on the Châteaux de la Loire route, Château d’Angers is easily accessible from Paris and all the surrounding regions by train or car.

What to do around Château d’Angers?

There are many tourist sites and various activities to visit or try out around Château d'Angers, on foot or by public transport. Due to its central position in the heart of town, there is a large choice of accommodation and restaurants, for all types of budgets.

Château d’Angers: what you need to remember!  

If you’re looking for a masterpiece of heritage in the heart of Angers that’s accessible, exciting and refreshing, Château des Ducs d’Anjou is what you need. With family, as a couple or solo explorer, everyone will find something to see and do!



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