Angers, Places to brunch all over town

 Saturday and Sunday brunch

Angers is no stranger to the English tradition of brunch and has a long list of venues for you to try. Take your pick, but don’t forget to book!

The weekend treat

After a busy week, what could be better at the weekend than being waited on and enjoying some delicious food in an amazing eatery? Available on Saturdays and Sundays, usually between 11 am and 3 pm, brunch in Angers is the perfect outing for couples, families or friends.

The French version of brunch is a heavenly combination of mini sweet and savoury dishes that guarantee a mouthwatering experience and a brilliant time.

Unlike the English-style brunch with its eggs, bacon, baked beans and fried potatoes, the composition of a French brunch tends to vary depending on the chef. Whether it’s in a self-service buffet format or a set menu with a selection of small dishes, you will usually find eggs, charcuterie, fruit salads, viennoiseries and of course your essential fruit juices and hot drinks. In short, it’s the ideal meal for those who want a little of everything and who don’t want to choose between breakfast and lunch.

Buffets for even the hungriest of appetites

Some restaurants, like Bistrot des Andécaves, offer a huge buffet capable of satisfying even the biggest appetites. Believe us, even the most insatiable eaters will leave there feeling full. On Sunday, in spring and summer, you can enjoy a gentle breeze and a birds-eye view over the Maine from the large patio. If it’s chilly outside, the large and welcoming dining room with its large patio windows is just as pleasant. On the buffet menu, you’ll find oysters, viennoiseries, tarts, charcuterie, cheese, warm dishes and an extensive wine list... All the ingredients are there for a great time!

Eggs, the star of the meal

Whether they’re poached, scrambled, hard-boiled or fried, eggs are virtually always an essential feature in a brunch. At La Cour and Chez Marguerite, eggs are the order of the day, in whatever way you like them. A few other steadfast favourites that are often found on brunch menus are fruit juice, hot drinks, granola with fromage blanc, bread and viennoiseries.
These highly recommended venues, where everything is home-made, vary their menus according to the local produce in season and their chef’s inspirations, so it’s not likely you’ll tire of them any time soon.

At Chez Marguerite, Julia’s waffles and hot chocolate, served in lovely vintage crockery, are to die for! Once you’ve taken a seat at one of the tiny tables of this English-style tearoom, it’s difficult not to be tempted by all the delicious cakes and pastries that are like something straight out of your grandmother’s kitchen.

Seated in one of the comfortable velvet armchairs at La Cour, around a large round table, you won’t know which way to look between the crispy avocado toasts and ultra-light pancakes drizzled in maple syrup or topped with fruit and cream. Plus, vegetarian or vegan options are available for everything, with no butter or cow’s milk. And if the idea of Eggs Benedict makes your mouth water, we recommend that you head to Les Fils à Maman to try this poached egg speciality on an English muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Other recommendations from locals

As we haven’t yet managed to try every brunch in town, we asked some local foodies for recommendations. They suggest you combine your next visit to the Musée des Beaux-Arts with a brunch at the restaurant 1801 Les Cuisines du Musée which has an attractive décor and an enticing menu (on the 1st Sunday of the month). At Mauvaise Graine, all food is home-made and completely vegan friendly. Their brunch is no exception and should please both your vegan friends as well as those simply curious to try a slightly different style of cuisine. Like the dishes on the weekday menu, everything is colourful and super tasty.

So where will you be brunching at the weekend?