Angers and the surrounding area are just bursting with treasures so to make life easier for you we’ve made a selection of the top sights for you here.

Angers Castle

Visit this impressive 13th-century fortress and climb its towers for a 360 view of the city. Once across the drawbridge above the moat gardens, you’ll enter a green and tranquil haven where you can visit the castle gardens, the chapel, the royal residence and the châtelet.

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Galerie David d'Angers

Upon entering the 13th-century Toussaint abbey, you will be taken aback by the splendid architecture and the works of the sculptor David d’Angers which are housed here. The impressive collection includes statues, busts and medallions, among other things. You will also discover sketches and castings that will immerse you in the world of David d’Angers and help you understand his creative process.

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Château du Plessis Macé

Plessis-Macé castle is one of the most beautiful residences built in Anjou’s unique flamboyant Gothic style; the magnificent tufa stone balcony and the chapel are perfect examples. Take a trip back in time and imagine how people lived as you wander the castle’s many furnished rooms. The Medieval garden is also worth a detour.

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Saint-Aubin Island

Want a great day out in fine weather ? Come and walk or cycle around Saint Aubin island from April to October, for some delicious peace and quiet in nature. You might even spot some protected species. This 500-hectare island in the Basses Vallées Angevines is one of Angers’ best-kept secrets.

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Château de Brissac

As France’s tallest château, Château de Brissac with its seven storeys and 204 rooms, is understandably nicknamed the ‘Giant of the Loire Valley’. Discover the fascinating history of the château and admire the precious period furniture and tapestries. Don’t leave without seeing the château's chapel and taking a stroll in the grounds.

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Collégiale Saint-Martin

Why not take time to visit one of the best preserved Carolingian monuments in France? Explore 1600 years of history and travel through the centuries thanks to permanent and temporary exhibitions. And don’t forget to drop below ground for a look at the sarcophagi.

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Jean Lurçat and Contemporary Tapestry Museum

Visit the former Saint Jean hospital, a stunning 12th-century building built in the Plantagenet style and home to some sixty or so remarkable works. You will see collections dating from the 1930s through to Jean Lurçat’s famous contemporary tapestry, Le Chant du Monde, which was inspired by the Apocalypse Tapestry.

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Béhuard Island

This tiny character village – home to about a hundred people – is worth a visit, particularly for its breathtaking views of the Loire. The village is a Petite cité de caractère® and can only be visited on foot. When you cross over to this lovely island, take a walk or cycle alongside the river Loire and stop to visit the Chapelle de Notre-Dame de Béhuard built on a rock.

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Musée des Beaux-Arts

In the middle of an attractive paved square is a 15th-century mansion called the Logis Barrault, which has been home to the Fine Arts museum since 1796. It has 3000 sq. metres of superb exhibitions, including sculpture and painting as well as archaeological artefacts and various objects of art. The museum retraces the history of the city of Angers and showcases works from the 14th to the 21st centuries. The museum garden and cloisters are also pleasant for a stroll.

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Château du Plessis-Bourré

Standing in a natural setting surrounded by wide moats, this unique and well-preserved castle with both Medieval and Renaissance architecture is a fascinating place to visit. As you journey through its history and that of its owners, each room of this “fortress on the water” has its wonders and treasures to reveal.

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Cointreau Distillery

Discover the home of Cointreau and its centuries of savoir-faire. This Angevin institution is famed all over the world for its liquor perfumed with orange zest. After an interactive and sense-stimulating tour of the distillery, enjoy a demonstration and tasting.

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Musée-château de Villevêque

Visit this former 12th-century fortress turned 15th-century château. On the ground floor, you can admire works of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, such as sculpture, tapestry and ceramics, as well as antique furniture and manuscripts.

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Savennières is especially famed for its Chenin vineyards and for being one of France’s smallest areas of protected domination of origin (AOP) for wine. You can also visit the Saint Pierre and Saint Romain church, a stunning example of the primitive Romanesque style, dating from the 10th and 12th centuries. It is considered to be the oldest church in Maine-et-Loire.

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The Apocalypse Tapestry

This impressive Medieval work of art measures over 100 metres long and depicts 71 scenes. This treasured and unique masterpiece, hidden within Angers Castle, is the largest Medieval tapestry series in the world and is something absolutely not to be missed !

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Giffard - Espace Menthe Pastille

At the Giffard factory, you’ll learn about the history and savoir-faire of this famous French brand of liquors and cordials. Mint, grenadine, elderflower... you’ll be amazed by the variety of flavours, colours and smells. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the production workshops and a enjoy tasting while you’re there.

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The Doutre District

On the right bank of the Maine is this extremely charming and historic quarter of Angers. Stroll through traditional narrow cobbled streets with their window boxes of flowers and discover half-timbered houses, Ronceray Abbey and the Jean-Lurçat museum. If you are looking for a stunning view of Angers Castle, head to Cale de la Savatte or the rooftop of the Le Quai theatre.

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Espace Air Passion

An immersion into the incredible adventure of aviation’s pioneers awaits you at this museum dedicated to France’s light aircraft history. Relive the history of aviation through its various collections and forty or so gliders and planes, some of which are still in flying condition.

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Château de Serrant

Visit the most westerly of the Loire Valley’s châteaux with its prestigious collections of furniture and art, grand driveway, landscaped grounds and magnificent library. Prepare to take a journey through time at this majestic château filled with surprises and history.

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Slate Museum

Discover 600 years of history in connection with Anjou’s famous material – slate. This must-visit experience includes a tour of the visitor centre (with films, tools and machines of the past, models and more) as well as a demonstration of slate work and a walk in the former slate quarries.

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Terra Botanica

Terra Botanica is the first theme park in France and Europe dedicated to the world of plants. Extraordinary tropical gardens and over 500,000 plants from all over the world make for an incredible journey for the senses and a great family day out. With unique new attractions every year, there’s something all the family will love.

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Loire Odyssée

This centre devoted exclusively to the Loire and the rivers of the world offers a fun interactive visitor experience as well as nature excursions, river cruises and exhibitions. You’ll know everything there is to know about the Loire once you’ve been !

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Échappées d’Art Street Art route

Explore the streets of the city on foot or by bike while trying to spot street art on its walls. As you wander down a street, look up and you’ll see murals of all forms and colours. New works pop up each year, most often in summer, so prepare to be surprised and discover historical Angers in a new light.

Maison d'Adam

This 15th century house and listed historical building in Place Sainte-Croix, is one of Angers’ real emblems. On the façade of this half-timbered house, you will see unusual sculpted figures, including the famous ‘Tricouillard’ known for having his trousers down! Today, the house is home to a centre for arts and crafts, the Maison des artisans d'Angers.

Parc Balzac

Allow yourself time for a stroll in the shade of the ash trees in Balzac park, 50 hectares of genuine countryside in the heart of Angers. This green and tranquil haven is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air with its wide variety of scenery, and you might even spot a heron or two.

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Gaston Allard Arboretum

Need some time in the outdoors to unwind? Come for a stroll in this botanical garden with its four different themed areas. You can even borrow something to read from the “Book box” and settle in the shade of the trees for a relaxing break.

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