Île Saint-Aubin, a slice of nature in the city

Angers, nature city

Angers Bike Tour between the city centre and île Saint-Aubin

Summer is the best excuse for an outdoor escape in Angers

Angers is a real nature city with a beautiful green haven: Île Saint-Aubin. It's the perfect place to reconnect with nature for a day or a few hours. The tip of the iceberg is that it's just a 13 minute bike ride from the city centre.

île saint-aubin : a haven of peace outside angers

This natural haven is just 2km from Angers city centre between the Mayenne and Sarthe deep in the Anjou Lower Valleys. Île Saint-Aubin opens in spring after spending winter partly underwater. No cars are allowed so you're in for a unique chain ferry ride helping the ferryman get to the other side. Once you disembark, it's such a change of scene that you won't believe you're so close to Angers.

Ile Saint-Aubin stands out for its biodiversity, is listed as a Natura 2000 site and belongs to the Anjou Lower Valleys, part of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat. The island plays host to incredible flora and fauna, countless protected species including the corn crake and you may well run into wild animals. Most of the island is made up of fields that are farmed all year round, mainly for hay, and meadows for cattle breeding.

A (sporty) escape in the great outdoors

What could be better than a bike ride in the great outdoors for a breath of fresh air? Île Saint-Aubin is in the Anjou Greenways network and the perfect destination for cyclists. Hop on your bike and hit the wide paths to explore the island. Keep your eyes peeled and drink in the landscapes that glide by as you ride along the Sarthe then Mayenne River. If you fancy, stop in a picnic area and have a stroll in an unspoilt setting made for walks... The Vélo Francette bike path runs around île Saint-Aubin so it's a great excuse for an island getaway of your own.

Heaven for spending quality time with family or friends

The guinguette in Le Port de l’Île is a must-visit to relax, enjoy a drink and sample fresh, local, seasonal produce. Whether you fancy a juicy burger or fresh salad, there's something for everyone! Let off steam between drinks with a round of football or badminton. Board games are also provided so you can let your hair down. The Island Centre sometimes hosts events, exhibitions or provides birdwatching equipment in summer.

Ferry times and useful information for Ile Saint-Aubin.

Nature that we need to protect

Countless species rely on this haven of biodiversity which combats global warming and its effects. It stores water and reduces rises in water level, floods and drought. It feeds into local phreatic zones, delays the effects of drought and protects our area's water resources. Wetlands like île Saint-Aubin also trap huge amounts of carbon. Those are just a few reasons to help protect this outstanding yet fragile setting and do your bit by keeping to the footpaths, not disturbing the peace, taking your litter home with you, taking part in events to teach your children about protecting the environment etc.