Gravel and bike packing trails

Nature is Bike Experience

Gravel Bikepacking between the Loire and vineyard

Set off from Angers on a cycling adventure between the Loire and vineyard or deep in the Anjou Lower Valleys.

What are gravel biking and bike packing ?

Gravel bikes are light and sturdy bicycles from the American Midwest where cyclists tend to ride on small gravel roads and paths. It combines cycling on roads, trails and bike paths. The easy-to-handle and comfortable bike is suitable for any use and your BFF when it comes to getting out and exploring Anjou !

Want to spread your wings ? Why don't you have a go at bike packing ? What's the idea ? Pack up your gravel bike and set out on an adventure ! All you need is a gravel bike, some bags and an appetite for adventure to explore the incredible Anjou playground with Nature is Bike Experience : 350 km of bikepacking Gravel trails to explore on your own.

Angers, in the heart of the Lower Anjou valleys

35km Gravel circuit - easy level.

Starting from Villevêque (Rives-du-Loir-en-Anjou), hop on your gravel bike and set off for 3 hours of freedom and discovery in the heart of nature, along the Loir and Sarthe rivers.

Discover an exceptional playground where protected plants and animals have made their home, starting in Villevêque. As you pass through Briollay, take a look at the educational marsh and enjoy a magnificent view of the Lower Anjou valleys and its wetlands, which are flooded for part of the year. As you slalom between the different riverbanks, you'll finally be able to make out the Engrenage-moulin de Villevêque in the distance, the finish line where you can cool off in the guinguette Les Tonnelles.

Angers, by the rivers

109km gravel trail, suitable for bike packing - medium ability.

Want to push yourself ? Work up a sweat before you soak up the best of our area. Give yourself a thrill as you slide on the gravel and overcome obstacles ! Set off from Angers on a gravel bike adventure deep in the Anjou Lower Valleys. A 109km ride along the rivers, suitable for bike packing, covering 2-3 days.

Highlights along the way: gaze at views of the Maine and Angers old town, skirt around île Saint-Aubin formed by the Old Maine, Sarthe and Mayenne Rivers, venture along the Vélo Francette bike path on the Mayenne riverbanks, go through the Roussière lock, visit Château du Plessis-Bourré, have a pitstop at Le Kiviv guinguette on the banks of the Sarthe, head back along the Loir through Boudré Forest, cool off with a dip in the Loire in Villevêque, visit L'Engrenage mill in Villevêque, explore gravel paths leafy with poplar trees, alluvial meadows, the Anjou Lower Valleys' iconic Natura 2000 wetlands, go through Ardoisières Park where Anjou's famous slate was once mined.

The outing is packed with sporty sensations surrounded by stunning nature. The Anjou Lower Valleys are yours for the taking !

Angers, between the Loire and the slate

97 km Gravel circuit, suitable for bikepacking - intermediate level.

Set off from Angers on a cycling adventure and discover an exceptional playground between the Loire and the slate. An exploration of 97 km, to be discovered over 2 days, which promises new sensations and sharing.

Don't miss the former Convent of La Baumette and its panoramic view over the Maine, ride along the Loire to catch a glimpse of the confluence, stop off at the Port-Thibault guinguette for a well-deserved refreshment, ride through Les Ponts-de-Cé with its castle and panoramic view over the Loire, admire the Brissac castle, the highest castle in France, reach Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire and ride along the Loire for several kilometres, through the Ardoisières park, the former site of the famous Angevine slate quarry, and follow part of the Angevine loop of La Loire à vélo back to Angers.

Angers, between the Loire and vineyard

107 km gravel trail, suitable for bike packing - medium ability.

Set off from Angers on a gravel bike adventure and explore the incredible playground between the Loire and vineyard. A 107km gravel trail, suitable for bike packing, that's packed with thrills, spills and quality time together.

Trail highlights: La Baumette Convent and its Maine views, ride on the Loire riverside to spot the confluence, stop at the Port-Thibault guinguette for a well-earned break, cross Les Ponts-de-Cé with its château and Loire views, gaze at France's tallest castle, Château de Brissac, wind through the rolling vineyards and forests deep in the Aubance hillside vineyards, ride through La Possonnière with its port and traditional flat-bottomed Loire boats (barges or toues), visit the Savennières wineries and hillside vineyards or Béhuard Island on the Loire. End your outing by Maine Lake with incredible views of Château d'Angers.

Hit the bike packing trails safe in the knowledge that your gravel bike is the best way to explore the Anjou area whether you're looking for adventure or to meet locals. That's all we're telling you. Just let the region work its magic.