Unique weekend in Terra Botanica

Week-end at Angers

Le ballon jaune de Terra Botanica - AngersTerra-Botanica
Un petit tour en bateau à Terra Botanica - AngersCoralie-Pilard_Terra-Botanica
Chercher l'ambre en famille à Terra Botanica - AngersCoralie-Pilard_Terra-Botanica
Jolie chambre verte à l'Hôtel Saint-Julien situé au centre-ville d'Angers Place du RalliementHôtel-Saint-Julien
  • Once arrived, you will immediately be immersed in an unbelievable universe: more than 275000 plants!

    This weekend comprises
    > 1 or 2 night(s) in a hotel or a guestroom (the choice is yours)
    > Breakfasts
    > A dated ticket for Terra Botanica
    > The tourist tax
    > The travel journal
    Stay available according to the park opening dates from the 6th of April to the 29th of September 2019
    > In a hotel, every weekends, from Friday to Monday and everyday during school holidays
     > In a guestroom: everyday