Angers, nature city

Young people sitting on the grass near the port of Savatte, facing the Maine and the castle of Angers.

Discover a destination where urban life and nature blend together harmoniously.

1st green city* in France recognised for its quality of life, Angers is also the best metropolis for biodiversity**.

In Angers, a historic land of plant life, you can stroll through the town centre and alleys of the historic city, admire the beauty of the parks and gardens in the heart of town, explore the city by bike, taste great wines, enjoy the cultural offerings of a metropolis … and, in just a few steps, find yourself in the heart of nature.

Angers, a nature city, it's not just an empty promise: nature in the city is everywhere !

*Green Cities Observatory 2020, ranking over 3 years
**French biodiversity capitals 2022

Immersion in the nature city and 1st green city in France

Regularly recognised as the “greenest city in France”, Angers can draw on a unique landscape heritage: a density of natural spaces twice as high as the national average, continuous investment in the creation and zero-phyto maintenance of green spaces.

A land of confluence, major cycling and hiking routes, you’ll be surprised by the richness of all the nature at the heart of our entire destination. You’ll be quickly absorbed in this atmosphere at each stage of your stay: more than half the towns that make up the destination are labelled “Flower Towns and Villages”, including four with a 4-flower ranking.

Discovering the good things about Angers

Spending a weekend or holiday in Angers, in the heart of Anjou, is an opportunity to savour the good things Angers is famous for. An invitation to discover a region where getting about on foot, by bike and on water combine to make sure you enjoy an experience where taking your time and exploring make perfect sense. A great way to fully experience both urban life and nature, a great source of rejuvenation, simple and enriching moments.

And while Angers is well known for its way of life, it’s no stranger to welcoming and sharing, too. There’s no shortage of events, eco-responsible offers and great places to go and enjoy Angers as a destination and explore exceptional natural sites located around the city.

Exploring Angers, a nature city destination

Angers, as a nature city destination, offers several very different types of landscapes. Here, you’ll find plenty of nature where water reigns supreme (wetlands, lake, ponds, rivers), wooded areas, vineyards... A whole diversity which makes Angers and its surroundings an essential gateway to Anjou.

Head off to discover these exceptional natural regions: