Around Mayenne

Recharge your batteries by the water

Average plan of the bow of a gabare sailing on the Mayenne

The Mayenne, a winding river, offers incredible panoramas of nature. Lie down under a tree on the banks of the Mayenne and try to decipher the many conversations of birds around you, listen to the water trickling or the fish jumping on the surface. Whether in Cantenay-Épinard, Feneu, Longuenée-en-Anjou or Montreuil-Juigné, you’re sure to find hidden corners of paradise! These towns also offer lots of activities and tourist sites to discover: you'll learn more about how the locks work, enjoy the bird observatories and see châteaux and residences that bear witness to History. The ideal place for hiking or cycling, along the way, you’ll meet passionate fishermen who’ll be delighted to show you their best catch. With family or friends, explore the Vélo Francette and ride along the towpath: an essential cycle touring route, far from cars and without too much height difference. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the Kingfisher, a beautiful bird with blue and orange plumage.


The essentials not to be missed

  • Take a photo of the remains of the old bridge from the banks of the Mayenne in Cantenay-Épinard.
  • Fish on the banks of the Mayenne at dawn on a summer’s day and enjoy your catch, accompanied by delicious white butter.
  • Watch a grey heron take flight from the bird observatory in the Montreuil-Juigné marsh, a migration stop-off area.
  • By boat, pass through the locks of Montreuil-Belfroy, Sautré or that of Roussière in Longuenée-en-Anjou, which is surrounded by a pretty hamlet
  • Walk along the Mayenne towpath near the pretty port of Pruillé.
  • Cycle along the Vélo Francette route with your children and take a picnic break on the banks of the Mayenne or the dance cafe at the Port of Île Saint-Aubin.
  • See the shower of shooting stars in mid-August before returning to your accommodation in the Montreuil-Juigné or Pruillé campsites.
  • Visit Château du Plessis-Macé and take part in the planned evening entertainment (by reservation).
  • Enjoy a canoe trip near the Sautré mill and take a photo of Château de Sautré.
  • Admire the autumn colours of the Longuenée-en-Anjou national forest.
  • Enjoy a bowl of fried food, in the shade of the tall trees, at the Port Albert dance bar in Feneu or La Cabane-du-chat-qui-pêche in Cantenay-Épinard.


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Sites to visit:

All the activities to try:


Where to eat or have a drink on the banks of the Mayenne?

Finding the right place to discover and enjoy Anger’s flavours isn’t always easy when you arrive at a destination. Here are all our favourite venues located near the Mayenne River for lunch, a drink, a picnic or dinner "down by the water".

Recharge your batteries while hiking or cycling

Between Mayenne and the meadows of the Lower Angevin Valleys - on foot

Choose this route and follow the Mayenne towpath on foot or by mountain bike. Stop at the Port of Montreuil-Juigné for a picnic break and take the time to observe the marsh. You’ll also pass through old Cantenay, with its beautiful, charming residences,  like La Hautvraie with the remains of an old Romanesque church from the 11th century.
Circuit also suitable for bikes.

Circuit of the châteaux - on foot

Circuit praticable également à vélo.Before you’ve even started your hike, you can already appreciate the soothing setting of Port Albert and discover the remains of lime kilns built around 1880! Follow the route and pass in front of Sautré’s château and mill. At your own pace, you can enjoy the beauty and calm of the landscapes on the banks of the Mayenne.
Circuit also suitable for bikes.

From the Marcillé plateau to the towpath - on foot

On this path along the banks of the Mayenne, you’ll see superb landscapes of Angers’ woodlands. Along the way: the Choizeau Valley and port of Pruillé, where you can take a seat for lunch. A perfect setting to spend a moment connecting with nature.
Circuit also suitable for bikes.

Mayenne loop - by bike

This green loop lets you access the Terra Botanica plant park from the centre of Angers. A must-see not to be missed! You now continue your journey along the banks of the Mayenne, using part of the Vélo Francette cycle route, which leads to Saint-Aubin Island, a wonderful piece of greenery accessible by ferry in spring and autumn.

Along the rivers – by gravel paths / bikepacking

Covering 109 km for a bike trip of 2 to 3 days, you can discover all the beauty of the paths, wetlands and landscapes of the north of Angers. Plan a few stops to visit this area rich in heritage (locks, châteaux, mill, etc.).


The Mayenne isn’t the only treasure in this region... And why not continue your journey to discover the charming towns around the Lower Angevin Valleys, those around the Loire and the slate quarries, or the towns and villages in the heart of the confluence and the vineyards?

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