Visit Angers in winter and go hiking!

If you live in Angers or are coming to stay in the area, give your legs a work out and enjoy some fresh air with our selection of 12 nature walks to try in winter. These waymarked trails of 8 to 24 kilometres long are a gentle way to explore the area and enjoy the most beautiful sights around Angers, at your own pace.

Here we share our favourite places for a winter walk within 30 minutes of Angers.

1. Woodland and stud farms in Saint-Clément-de-la-Place

This utterly green walk in the heart of the countryside passes some beautiful old mansions along the way. Stop to admire the horses at the village stud farms.

On your walk:
- Discover the Poissardière stud farm and racing stable of 2004 French team Olympic champion Nicolas Touzaint, and the Courlais stud farm.
- See the beautiful mansion and chapel of the Hameau des Marais.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start location: Salle Hugues Auffray, Chemin de la Plesse, Saint-Clément-de-la-Place
- Distance: 13.3 km / Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
- Trail suitable for bikes

2. Fouilloux to Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux loop

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in nature, in the woods around Saint-Martin-du- Fouilloux. Serene and tranquil forest scenery and several lakes await you on this walk.

On your walk:
- Explore the woods of Fouilloux, a favoured place with walkers and joggers.
- Stop for a moment beside Flageolet lake which already existed in the 18th century.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start location: Mairie, Rue du Petit Anjou in Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux
- Distance: 10.6 km / Time: 2 hours 50 minutes
- Trail unsuitable for bikes

3. Bucolic walk around Saint-Jean-de-Linières

In a restful countryside setting, this walk passes agricultural fields, green meadows and through a section of forest.

On your walk:
- Discover the 13th-century presbytery and church of Saint-Jean-de-Linières.
- See the Grand Moulin and Puit des Rocheries, reminders of the agricultural practices of the past.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start location: Espace Galilée car park in Saint-Jean-de-Linières (Saint-Léger-de-Linières)
- Distance: 8.1 km / Time: 2 hrs
- Trail suitable for bikes

4. Motte and bailey castle to the vineyards, via the orchard in Verrières-en-Anjou

Discover the conservatory orchard on this walk, then learn about life in the Middle Ages at the motte and bailey castle in the André Delibes park. The castle is a replica of the 11th-century construction that preceded the fortified castle.

On your walk:
- See the replica 11th-century motte and bailey castle. (currently closed)
- Enjoy a family walk in André Delibes Park, with its 15 hectares of gardens, woods and lake.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start location: Château à Motte car park in Saint-Sylvain-d’Anjou (Verrières-en-Anjou) or sports centre car park, Rue du Préhaut in Pellouailles-les-Vignes (Verrières-en-Anjou)
- Distance: 17.5 km / Time: 4 hours 30 minutes - Trail unsuitable for bikes

5. Aprilis to Avrillé trail

This walk explores the area around Avrillé and its many parks while taking you along country paths.

On your walk:
- Catch a glimpse of the Domaine de la Perrière estate, known for its 18-hole golf course and its 17th-century château and orchard.
- Cross the Livonières green belt, created to enhance local people's quality of life.
- Walk through the “Poumons Verts” park with its lake and discover Château de la Boissière with its majestic trees.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start locations: Terra Botanica tram stop in Angers or Château de la Perrière in Avrillé or the Poumons Verts park in Avrillé or the Salle Lino Ventura car park in Avrillé
- Distance: 12 km / Time: 3 hours 
- Trail suitable for bikes

6. Woodland and countryside walk in Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie

Fans of real country walks will love this trail through meadows, undergrowth and typical Angevin woodland.

On your walk:
- Admire Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie church and its ancient Romanesque openings on its northern façade facing the Presbytery garden.
- Pass Domaine des Écots, an upmarket housing estate built in the 1970s.
- Discover the new manufacturing site of local cordial and mint liquor maker Giffard.
- Admire Château de la Chaussée with its Renaissance-style architecture.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start locations: At the church on Rue de l’Aubriaie in Saint-Lambert-la-Potherie or Salle de la coudre, Rue Ferrières in Saint-Léger-des-Bois (Saint-Léger-de-Linières)
- Distance: 15.6 km / Time: 4 hours - Trail unsuitable for bikes

7. Scents of the undergrowth walk in Bauné

This lovely walk in the heart of nature takes you alternately through hamlets of rustic dwellings and sections of forest, then to a view point of Château de Briançon. Enjoy the different scents of the undergrowth that change according to the time of year.

On your walk:
- Catch a glimpse of Château de Briançon, a 17th-century construction now a residence and arts centre for the disabled.
- See Saint-Symphorien church with its presbytery dating from the 18th century.
- Cross Briançon forest.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start location: Place des Tilleuls in Bauné (Loire-Authion)
- Distance: 13.6 km / Time: 3 hours 15 minutes - Trail unsuitable for bikes

8. The Savennières Vineyards

Wander across sunny slopes of vines and flat terrain, stopping for a tasting in the vineyards of Savennières, which are reputed for their dry white wines.

On your walk:
- Walk around the Saint-Pierre and Saint-Romain church in Savennières.
- See the Bécherelle monolithic stone, downstream of the confluence of the Loire and the Maine rivers facing the northern tip of Béhuard island.
- Discover the tiny village of Épiré halfway between Savennières and Bouchemaine.

Starting point and practical info:
- Start location: Place du Mail in Savennières
- Distance: 9.1 km / Time: 2 hours 40 minutes
- Trail suitable for bikes

9. The slate route in Trélazé

This circuit offers a full-day walk with plenty of surprises along the way. You will pass the Musée de l’Ardoise (Slate Museum) then explore a former slate quarry turned park with its astonishing blue lakes.

On your walk:
- Pass through the Ardoisières park in Trélazé with its mounds, former quarry pit lakes and mine head frames.
- Visit the Slate Museum (currently closed) and learn about how slate quarrying techniques evolved over time.
- Stroll through Pignerolle park, a fine example of art de vivre à la française, in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou.

Starting points and practical info:
- Start locations: Musée de l’Ardoise, Chemin de la Maraîchère in Trélazé or Domaine de Pignerolle car park (main gate) in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou
- Distance: 24.7 km / Time: 6 hours 15 minutes - Trail unsuitable for bikes

10. From the châteaux of the Aubance valley to Noizé forest

On this walk, you will visit Soulaines-sur-Aubance, a village nestled in the bottom of the Aubance valley. The Aubance is a small tributary of the Loire and it is in this area that the sweet white wine Coteaux-de-l’Aubance is made.

On your walk:
- Enjoy views of the Aubance valley.
- Admire Château de Noizé, a former feudal château which was redesigned in the 14th century.

Starting point and practical info Start location:
- Salle Cortequisse car park in Soulaines-sur-Aubance
- Distance: 19.7 km / Time: 5 hours
- Trail suitable for bikes

11. Walk in Angers botanical garden

The Jardin des Plantes is the ideal place for a winter stroll. This superb English-style garden houses a collection of centuries-old trees and is great for a family walk.

On your walk:
- Scan the QR codes in the garden to find out more about its remarkable trees.

12. Saint-Nicolas park in Angers

Want a relaxing moment right in the heart of Angers ? Discover Parc Saint-Nicolas, the perfect place for a family stroll, for jogging or just some time to unwind. The walk round the lake has some varied and surprising scenery for you to discover.

On your walk:
- Stop at the children’s play area and merry-go-round
- Follow the footpaths around the lake.

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